7 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

New Year Wishlist

Hello everyone!!! We are in december and it is a must to create a wishlist for the new year. But, I have a lot of things to have so my list is gonna be loooong. So I decided to split it :) And, here is my first one. I hope you like it.

Herkese merhaba!!! Aralık ayında olduğumuza göre, yeni yıldan istek listesi yapmak zorunlu. Benim çoook isteğim olduğu için listem de çooooook uzun olacaktı. Ne de olsa "giyecek hiçbir şeyim yok! :D" felsefesini benimsedim bir kere. O yüzden, bölmeye karar verdim. Ve bu da o listenin ilki. Umarım beğenirsiniz.

1. First item of my wishlist is a leather black jacket. I still in the search for the perfect leather jacket. But this topshop one seems nice to me. Click click

2. Burgundy is the hit color of the season! Also I fell in love with the asymmetrical style. You can find a cheap one at Bershka. These burgundy asymmetrical skirts look so chic with biker boots.

3. A golden collar necklace is on top of my shopping list. I plan to use it with shirts. Click click

4. When I think of my wishes here comes glitter, sparkles and shine. So this Furla candy bag totally fits with my wishes :) I really love the style of Furla bags, they are as sweet as a candy :) Click click

5. Since I saw these studded mouse flats by Marc Jacobs, I want them. Aren't they sweet? Definitely wanted.

6. I have been thinking to buy floppy hats. But I hesitate. I dont think that I can use them frequently. But if somebody gives as a gift, I wont refuse them :) It might be both camel or burgundy.

7. Final items are knit tops with xmas spirit. In cold weather you can wear them and watch your movies with a cup of coffee. I like deer and star figures on them.

So, my first wishlist is here. What are your wishes from 2012? (Except from happiness, health and prosperity)

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